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30. března 2012 v 21:03 |  Eurovision Song Contest

Photo by Jan Varchola

Interview with MJM for

We continue series of interviews with Eurovision 2012 contestants and our next guest is rock performer from Slovakia Max Jason Mai. He will represent his country with self-written "Don't Close Your Eyes" and as usual, complete profile of it is available at ESCKAZ.

- esckaz: Hello, Max, and first of all our congratulations for being selected Slovakian representative at Eurovision 2012! How do you feel now, being a Eurovision participant? -
- MJM: I am great, thank you! -

- esckaz: How the proposal to enter Eurovision has been made for you and what was your first initial reaction? -
- MJM: When I got this offer from RTVS I said to myself: Wow, that's a big chance to be seen and known by the Europeans, it's a kind of opportunity for me which leaves the door open , so go for it, Max!" -

- esckaz: You have changed several stage names, and are running as "Max Jason Mai" now, can you explain the choice? -
- MJM: For two and a half years my fans perceived me the way it was set. It was connected with my music, my image and performance. I am in no way ashamed of it! But during the past year I kept thinking that I needed to step up to the next level, grow up and compose and play progressive rock. I needed to close this first period somehow. That is why I had paused for a time, prepared hard, recorded a single and on March officially launched my new music project under the name Max Jason Mai. I like the name, it resonated in my head for a long time. I played with it...well, I am MAXimalist, I like a story about Jason and the Argonauts (but I am sure that my Golden Fleece is my music and my end will be much better) and Mai souns nice, doesn´t it? And the way it sounds, what it looks like when written down..and also the style of my show, the whole image - everything me and my team have created, what we work on, is in complete synergy with my new stage name. -

- esckaz: Are you usually following the Eurovision contest itself? Any memories connected with it? -
- MJM: Eurovision means the biggest European music competition to me and for musicians from a small country it is possibly the one and only way to introduce his music to more than 100 million of viewers. And memories? I know that ABBA and Céline Dion once passed through Eurovision, but I don´t remember that myself, of course, I was born in 1988. But I noticed the Finnish band Lordi, I was pleased that metal won. -

- esckaz: How can you describe your entry in one phrase? -
- MJM: MAXimum effort + MAXimum show for viewers + MAXimum performance of Max Jason Mai&Band! -

- esckaz: Can you tell us the story of its creation? Was it done specially for Eurovision? -
- MJM: It was done specially for Eurovision. I was deciding between two songs. A rock ballade and this vibrant rock song. I am convinced that Don´t close your eyes has a potential to be different and to initiate (attract) attention. DCYE is a rock song about the fight between the devil and the angel, the good and the evil in us. -

- esckaz: You have chosen to perform in English at the contest, can you explain this choice? -
- MJM: It's due to phrasing in the rythm. And also because of global intelligibility - MJM is an international project therefore I have chosen English. -

- esckaz: As organizers of online Heavy Metal Eurovision we welcome all metal and hard rock songs in the contest, but do you think the song will appeal to average Eurovision viewers? What do you think will make it memorable to them? -
- MJM: My heart beats in rock rhythm so I hope that my show on stage in Baku will make viewers´ hearts beat faster…. I would like to give all the people a piece of my love and energy through my rock song. -

- esckaz: Any plans to release versions of the song in other languages, or any other version? -
- MJM: I would like to prepare other versions, but it´s all about time… I am looking forward to fan remixes, hurry up! :) -

- esckaz: Can you tell us more about the music video you've filmed for the song? -
- MJM: Please, let me keep it a secret. You will see the Music Video soon - follow my official FB page -

- esckaz: What will be your aim in the international contest? -
- MJM: I believe that it is no big secret: according to my contract with RTVS I paid all the costs related with my participation at the Eurovision myself. At this moment there isn't any strong sponsor behind me, either. I sold everything I could to make a perfect song under the most professional conditions and prepare a perfect show for Baku. Honestly, how big a chance is it for such a small and unknown country like Slovakia to win? And yet I go for it...a lot of people in Slovakia think I am crazy. But I believe in happy endings :-)

My aim is to represent all the rock fans from wherever they are. I am a MAXimalist and believe in maximal success! And, trust me, I am working hard on it and think about it every day, every hour, every minute and every second. -

- esckaz: Will you have some promotional tour later? Do you think in general that pre-contest promotion is important for the contest success? -
- MJM: I don´t know exactly. The fans´ votes are 50% of the result, the rest depends on the jury. It would be great to go on European pre-contest promotional tour, but everything is a matter of money - especially in my case :) I work on it - to let people see and hear me before my show on the stage in Baku! -

- esckaz: What else will be part of your Eurovision preparations campaign? -
- MJM: Please, follow me on my official website (or my official Facebook page) and you will see! -

- esckaz: Have you already decided on the performance you'll have in Baku? Will you have a band on stage? Can you introduce the members of it? -
- MJM: I would like to keep it a secret, so that it is a surprise for the viewers. But….shhhh…I have a really great Band -

- esckaz: What do you think is more important for Eurovision success: song, performer or the show? -
- MJM: All together! -

- esckaz: Have you already heard other participating songs, any personal highlights? -
- MJM: I really love the Russian Babushkies, I hope for a jam session with them in Baku :) But seriously speaking, in our semifinal there are several songs I like. For example the Swedish or Hungarian entries. -

- esckaz: Let's speak briefly on your career. What you consider as the main highlight in it before Eurovision? -
- MJM: I am sorry, but I never look back into the past, I just care for the present and future. -

- esckaz: What will be the next step for Max Jason Mai? Are you recording any new songs, planning album release? -
- MJM: Yes, I am planning to go to the US and record my first MJM album. I have great and energizing songs for it! -

- esckaz: What are the main influences behind your music? Are you going to develop in heavy metal or hard rock genre? -
- MJM: My music is progressive rock, but I was mainly influenced by Whitesnake, Deff Lepard, Ozzy Osbourne, Dream Theater, 30 Second to Mars, Alter Bridge, John Mayer, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Rush, Sade, Ennio Morricone….. -

- esckaz: If you would be allowed to create a dream band with you on vocals, whom of international stars you would invite on guitars, bass or drum section? -
- MJM: Oh…guitars Eric Friedman and Gus G, drum section Garrett Whitlock, bass Brian A. Marshall! -

- esckaz: Have you taken part in any other music contests, do you like to compete in general? -
- MJM: Yes, I took part in the Czech and Slovak Superstar Contest (like a Pop Idol) in 2009. It was my first opportunity to try to stand in the competition. I ended up 2nd and thanks for it, I learned a lot there! -

- esckaz: And our usual question - can you name us any singers you know coming from ex-USSR, Russia , Ukraine ? -
- MJM: For example Dima Bilan or Ruslana or Eldar and Nigar? -

- esckaz: Finally, if you wish to leave any message to the visitors of our site you can do it now. -
- MJM: I put my heart into my music and I hope people will notice it. So, dear people, wish me luck! -

- esckaz: Thank you for the interview, good luck with your preparations and see you in Baku! -
- MJM: Thank you too! -

Czech translation: Překlad

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